Business Language Courses
Language training tailored to personal goals
Trainers with experience in business
Focused on business communication
Certificate based on European language levels
Dutch courses

Mastering the Dutch language is an important factor to integrate quickly and successfully – not just at work but also in the private environment.

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English courses

Doing business internationally? From America to China, from the Scandinavian countries to Africa; with English you can go anywhere.

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German courses

Knowledge of not only the language, but also of the German (business-)culture, is indispensable when doing business with your German contacts.

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French courses

A thorough knowledge of this beautiful language will significantly increase your chances on the French market and in some African countries.

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Spanish courses

With a sound knowledge of the Spanish language, contact with trade partners in not only Spain but nearly all of South America will become easier.

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As an addition on our customized programs which are based on your function, line of business and situation, you can also use our online language program.

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An essential component of your business success

For success in business, it is very important to be able to deploy your language skills effectively. Therefore, all of our business language courses are aimed at the communication skills that are essential in your specific industry.

We adapt our approach for every individual client or team. You will learn the language in a way that fits your learning style, situation, job function, expertise area, goals and wishes. You learn exactly what you need in a practical way with no unnecessary extras.

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Remote language training

Are you working from home?

Why not start a remote language course? Language learning is well-suited to remote training for both individuals and groups. It is ideal whether you want to follow a language course form home, from various locations or if you are a frequent business traveler.

We create a completely flexible schedule of 2-3-hour sessions in consultation with you. As a client, this means you can fit the training into your calendar independent of where you are when the session takes place.

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