Why us?

Language Training tailored to Your Goals

Our trainers establish goals with you before the training starts. During this process, they focus on your industry, company, job, goals and wishes as well as what level you want to achieve in your target language. In this way, the trainers develop a unique learning programme that is practical, and applicable to your business and personal situation.

Trainers With Real Business Experience

We only work with native-speaker trainers. They are not only knowledgeable and experienced in language training, but they also know which cultural aspects can play a role in your interaction with business partners who speak a different language to you.

Our trainers have plenty of experience in organising, developing and delivering carefully tailor made business language training. They also have a large diversity of experience in the international business world. Therefore they can direct your training precisely towards your business goals and your personal learning style.

Materials Focused on Business Communication

With us you will learn business language use through the use of materials that are developed just for the business world. The trainers develop our customised programmes from this library of material. This is achieved by combining your specific business situation with our materials and content from your work place that you will need, for example: Website copy, brochures and business presentation.

Certification according to the European Language Levels

We use the European Language Levels to determine your entry level before the course. Upon completion of your course, you will receive a certificate that states both your entry and completion levels as well as the subject areas covered by the course.

Your place, our place or remote – whatever suits you

We deliver training in office hours or after hours and weekends if needed.  You can follow our business language courses in one of our central locations or in your own offices anywhere in the Netherlands and Germany.

Centrally Located and Atmospheric Spaces

Our training rooms are centrally located and easily reached by public transport in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Den Haag and Utrecht. A tasty lunch in a nearby lunch café with your trainer is included in full-day courses training days.