Training Business German

Does your company conduct business with Germany? The make it or break it factor in achieving success on the German market is “Kommunikationsfähigkeit”, your communication skills in the German language. Knowledge of not only the language, but also the German culture, is indispensable when doing business with German contacts.

Language Instituut “The Netherlands” has extensive experience in providing business language and culture courses. Our trainers are native speakers German and have considerable business experience. They stand ready and able to bring your knowledge of their native language to a higher level, e.g. by deepening your grammatical knowledge, expanding your (business) vocabulary and improving your pronunciation. Additionally they can provide valuable tips on a business level. They will be happy to familiarise you with the (business) culture of their country. Also think of conducting business conversations, negotiating, giving company and product presentations and, of course, using correct German in your business correspondence.

Before you start the course, our trainers determine your current language level and establish your goals in consultation with you. We will develop a customised programme based on this information. It goes without saying that you can at all times alter your goals – in consultation with your trainer – even during your training.